BRS Central Services support within the Coronavirus environment

(Editor's note: This information will likely continue to be fluid; please check back peridically to get the most up-to-date details.)

BRS Central Services will continue to provide service to the Berkeley campus with the understanding that staff will be working remotely as per the current campus directive during their normal business hours of 8:30AM-5PM. Here is a summary of the team’s coverage for the foreseeable future:  

BRS Central Onboarding: 

  • Remote Onboarding will still be utilized for all new Berkeley staff who had start dates beginning on 3/17/20. 

  • University Hall continues to be closed for in-person onboarding. In-person onboarding will be re-evaluated depending on campus conditions and public safety directions received.

  • Voicemails left for the Onboarding Team (510-664-9000, option 3) will continue to be monitored remotely throughout the day. They will respond/triage as usual. 

BRS First Contact Team/Central Call Center (510-664-9000, option 3):

  • Voice mail messages will be monitored remotely throughout the day. They will respond/triage as usual.

  • Voicemails left for the First Contact Team (510-664-9000, option 3) are converted into a ServiceNow ticket.

  • Calls converted into HR ServiceNow tickets and will be monitored remotely throughout the day. They will respond/triage as usual.

BRS Visa Team

  • The BRS Visa Team can be contacted via email, ServiceNow, or by phone. 

  • They are working closely with the Berkeley International Office (BIO) as Department of State guidance and travel restrictions/bans change. Please reach out to them with any questions or concerns. 

  • The Visa Team is following up with HR staff via ServiceNow on all impacted start dates to determine how departments and scholars would like to proceed: defer or cancel visit/appointment to UC Berkeley.

BRS Records Management Team 

  • The BRS Records Team will also be handling all requests remotely via email, ServiceNow, or by phone with the following exceptions:

    • UPDATE: The Records Team is currently limiting their time in the office fulfilling paper records requests. All paper records requests will be fulfilled as quickly as possible. Should there be any questions or a need to arrange a time commitment to obtain records based on the team's limited in office time, contact Jeremy Engleman (
    • E-Verify not in Tracker, seniority points from prior to the year 2001 that requires microfiche, historical or other paper records requests and/or review, EDD claims if additional paper records are needed, in-person background checks 

    • If any of the above are received the Records Team will be delayed in fulfilling these requests.

  • Historical I-9s cannot be entered in Tracker I-9 during the campus closure. Tracker I-9 has provided guidance on how to address this issue once the historical I-9/re-verification can be entered.

  • Employment verifications by mail cannot be processed while the Cal mail delivery service has been suspended.

  • Employment verifications should be sent by secured fax at (1-510) 295-2878 or submitted via an HR ServiceNow ticket for the BRS Records Management Team.

  • Please note: Copies of any Flexible Work Agreement (FWA) should not be sent to the Records Team to include in the employee's file. They are automatically routed as part of the DocuSign process. 

Please contact us if there are any questions or when an urgent situation arises where we need to identify an interim solution.

Janet Speer

BRS Central Services Director

Jeremy Engleman

BRS Central Services Supervisor/Central Onboarding

Katie Scarborough

BRS Central Services/Visa Team Lead