BRS Records Management Team

UPDATE: Due to the spike in COVID-19 cases throughout the Bay Area, the Records Team is currently limiting their time in the office fulfilling paper records requests. All paper records requests will be fulfilled as quickly as possible. Should there be any questions or a need to arrange a time commitment to obtain records based on the team's limited in office time, contact Jeremy Engleman (

The Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) Records Management Team provides a variety of support to the Berkeley campus. They handle: 

  • Employment verification requests (for current, previous, Government background checks or temporary agency employees)
  • Service Award processing
  • Seniority points calculations
  • Subpoena requests (court orders)
  • Personnel files record management
  • I-9 audits
  • Unemployment Insurance Claims (EDD claims)
  • Union deductions
  • W-4 updates.

To request this information or assistance, you can:

  1. Fax or email a written verification request
  2. Call for a verbal verification, or
  3. Make an appointment regarding walk-in background checks

BRS Records Management contact options: 

  • Call (1-510) 664-9000, option 3
  • Fax (1-510) 295-2878 
  • Open a ServiceNow ticket for the BRS Records Management Team

Please note: Any Remote/Telecommuting Agreements should be retained by the employee's manager/supervisor; they should not be sent to the Records Team to include in the employee's file. Additionally, any COVID-19-related Leave Requests forms/paperwork should be routed directly to the Benefits and Leaves Team in Berkeley's People & Culture division.