BRS 2020 Winter Curtailment deadlines and details

October 26, 2020

Updated on 11/13/20 based on this People & Culture email from Eugene Whitlock on 11/12/20 (Note: BRS deadlines announced on 10/26/20 are not impacted):

Dear Colleagues,

After much discussion at both the local and systemwide levels, we want to announce the following fixed Winter Curtailment days:December 23, 28, 29, 30, 2020, and January 4, 2021. Our campus Winter Curtailment is separate from any kind of curtailment that UCOP is proposing to the UC Regents. We will know more about the UCOP proposal after next week’s UC Regents Meeting.


Original news article of 10/26/20:

Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) is planning to observe the upcoming annual winter curtailment period. While specific dates are not yet finalized with UCOP, below are some deadlines and details based on timeframes that BRS anticipates in order to help departments in their efforts to submit service requests by year-end.

Note: If there are any adjustments needed to these deadlines based on further news from Berkeley's People & Culture / UCOP, BRS regions will provide an update to their campus clients/departments.  

Human Resources/Academic Personnel Support (HR/APS)

To ensure requests are processed by calendar year-end, campus clients/departents will experience earlier-than-usual deadlines for HR-based transaction requests. This is due to a UCPath Center lockout period in December (12/9 at 10PM until 12/14 at 6AM) coupled with the anticipated curtailment/winter break period.

Image of HR deadline for curtailment 2020

* Note: See the usual BRS payroll deadlines as outlined on the Timekeeping/CalTime page of the BRS webite. Also refer to the CalTime Timecard Approval Deadline calendars for bi-weekly paid employees and monthly paid employees. Complete CalTime deadlines can be found on the CalTime website

BRS Central Onboarding

The Central Onboarding Team and all onboarding activities for new Berkeley staff will be suspended during the curtailment period *. The HR First Contact Team will also have limited coverage during curtailment. For additional details and applicable deadlines, look at the ASE/GSR and Lecturer Hires webpage(s) and/or the BRS Central Onboarding webpage(s).

Exception: onboarding will resume on 1/4/21 with the team offering approximately 60 onboarding appointments that day for new hires.

Purchasing & Reimbursements (P&R)

As they are received BRS regional P&R teams will strive to complete requests as quickly as possible, given the current staffing levels. For an estimate on the request timeframes the teams are currently experiencing, contact the respective regional P&R team.

Reminder: The Direct Enter process introduced by the Controller's Office must be used for all non-complex travel reimbursement requests. The turnaround time is faster and in some cases, takes as little as five (5) business days for payments to be processed. It also provides improved visibility to the status of the request.  

Research Administration (RA)

The Sponsored Project Office (SPO) has published deadlines on their website and will process proposals due in December 2020 and January 2021 according to the VCR's four-day proposal submission policy. Here are the corresponding BRS deadlines: 

Image of research administration due dates for curtailment 2020

Reminder: Those that will be submitting a proposal with a due date just prior to, or during, or just after the curtailment period should inform their regional BRS RA contact.

As a courtesy, here are additional curtailment details for some of our other campus partners: 

Information Technology (IT)

IT Client Services (ITCS( will be closed on the campus holidays. On non-holiday dates, the ITCS Service Desk will operate with reduced staff between 9AM to 4PM to assist campus units via phone, email, or online. For holiday or after-hours support, please call (510) 664-9000, option 1 (for IT), then press 7 to leave a voicemail, or send an email to: Those issues will be addressed on the next business day.

Research Administration & Compliance (RAC) / Sponsored Project Office (SPO)

Here are the details on their closure dates for 2020-2021.

Controller's Office

Check out their website feature for important curtailment information and deadlines. 

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management will observe the Thanksgiving closure period from11/23/2020 through 11/27/2020and will be closed for business from12/23/2020 through 01/04/2021Turnaround time will be slower than published Service Levels due to limited staff availability. They strongly advise that departments submit purchase requests for services and high-value orders (over $10,000)no later than 12/02/2020 for any goods or services required for research and operational continuity between 12/20/2020 and 01/08/2021. The BearBuy system will remain up and available to campus users during this period. For questions, contact the respective Buyer.