COVID-19 related campus email repositories and website resources

March 16, 2020

Last updated on 5/22/20

Shelter-in-place orders extended indefinitely as per Vice Chancellor Administration CalMessage on 5/22/20.

Since the beginning of the year, and especially over the past several weeks and months, the campus has seen numerous emails and resources regarding guidance from public health authorities in an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and how that translates to us at Berkeley with social distancing, impacts to class delivery, workforce impacts, etc. Protecting the health and safety of members of the campus community remains the top priority and the campus is committed to preserving the academic mission.

Keeping track of these communications can sometimes be challenging. Here are some reminders about sources you can go to get these details: 

The CalMessage archive repository contains a repository of campus emails.

Main Campus resources for COVID-19 related information:

Additional resources published on the BRS website as well as other various campus websites (and these sites continue to have updates so check back frequently):

(New features appear/added first)