About BRS Regional Services

Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) is comprised of five (5) Regions which provide services to specific "groupings/clusters" of schools, colleges, and organized research units (4 academic, 1 all other). This regional approach to providing administrative services is intended to improve service quality by re-establishing personal connections and to develop more local expertise. To see how these groupings were mapped, check out this Service Regions to Org Tree Mapping Smartsheet.

This new model for delivering administrative support services was part of the campus' Improving Research Administration efforts in partnership with the Vice Chancellor Administration. 

The restructuring to the ERSO, BEST, SHARE, ProS, and BEARS region(s) enables better collaboration amongst teams to serve faculty and units through the regional service centers. Each region locally administers most services in these areas:

  • Research Administration (RA)
  • Human Resources/Academic Personnel Support (HR/APS)
  • Purchasing and Reimbursements 

If you're unsure what region you fall under, use this "Region Finder" tool.

Image of the regional structure of the five regions within Berkeley Regional Services