Purchasing and Reimbursements

Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) provides support to the UC Berkeley campus with Purchasing (Procurement) services as well as assistance with Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Reimbursements.  

The Direct Enter process introduced by the Controller’s Office in 2018 must be used by staff, student employees, and faculty to directly enter all travel reimbursement requests (at: https://reimburse.berkeley.edu) versus filling out T&E forms and submitting in BearBuy. Visitors and students who are not employees should follow the instructions under reimbursements information.

In an email to campus on 4/17/19, it was announced that the T&E Reimbursement System has now been updated to allow direct entry for entertainment expense reimbursements. 

Divisional Finance Leaders (DFLs) can offer additional support and guidance regarding using Direct Enter for T&E reimbursements. The list of DFLs are listed here: https://cfo.berkeley.edu/divisional-finance-leaders#dfl. The improved process provides a much faster turnaround time and offers online visibility into the status of your reimbursement.

Just need some quick links? Use some of these common options below:

  • I need my domestic or international travel reimbursed: Use Direct Enter.
  • I need more help with a complex Travel & Entertainment transaction and for non-employee student and visitor reimbursements: Go to the Reimbursements section.
  • I need my entertainment expense reimbursed: Use this Entertainment Form.
  • I need more help with a Purchasing (Procurement) transaction: Go to the Purchasing section.


Direct Enter for travel and/or entertainment reimbursements

Divisional Finance Leaders (link is external)

Supply Chain Management (link is external)


Bearbuy Training Courses 

How to Purchase Specific Goods and Services

More Purchasing information

More Reimbursements information


Entertainment form PDF

Domestic Travel form PDF

International Travel form PDF