Onboarding Newly Hired Berkeley Employees

Each Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) region are now officially coordinating all the onboarding activities for newly hired Berkeley employees in the departments/units they support.

They will:

  • Send new hire/rehire packages (via DocuSign) for new employee paperwork.
  • Coordinate onboarding activities to complete the necessary hiring paperwork including work authorization verifications.

Here is the breakdown of the regional onboarding teams. New hires will be contacted directly by the respective Onboarding Team(s) to schedule their onboarding appointment and to coordinate their new hire paperwork electronically via a DocuSign packet.

Regions / for the departments they support:Onboarding Teams:
BEARS Region BEARS Regional Onboarding Team
BEST Region BEST Regional Onboarding Team
ERSO Region ERSO HR Team
ProS Region ProS Regional Onboarding Team
SHARE Region SHARE Regional Onboarding Team
Image of general timeline of steps to hire new people at Berkeley

Step 1

New hire receives and signs offer letter or appointment letter

Step 2

New hire receives their DocuSign packet with new hire paperwork and identifies an Authorized Representative (AR) to verify their work authorization documents (Form I-9)

Step 3

New hire completes their DocuSign packet 

Step 4

New hire's Authorized Representative receives an email with the Form I-9 DocuSign packet and a separate email with the secure code to access the Packet

Step 5

New hire attends their Onboarding appointment to complete their Form I-9 (if an Authorized Representative is not utilized)

Step 6

New hire receives their Employee ID Number (EID) in a separate Welcome Email and begins completing the "Starting a new Job at Berkeley" Next Steps Checklist actions