About Central Services

If you're looking for the library of tools and information used by all BRS regional onboarding teams to support the onboarding of Newly Hired Berkeley Employees, you've come to the right place!

If you're looking for information regarding the Records Management Team, they have been re-aligned to the People & Culture (P&C) organization. You can find their details on the P&C website.

Image of new employee going through onboarding activities

Onboarding tools, checklists, and resources for new Berkeley employees

Click on the image to the left to access all the general onboarding tools and resources, i.e., Starting a New Job at Berkeley.

Each region within Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) is now handling all specific onboarding activities for new Berkeley employees within the campus department/units they support. Check out these onboarding webpages for the BEARS, BEST, ERSO, ProS, and SHARE regions.

Not sure of which region to contact? Use the Region Finder.

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Work Authorization Requirements (WAQA Team)

When new employees at Berkeley are hired and/or rehired , there are required documents/forms that must be completed, which are categorized as both University of California as well as federal forms.

Most documents/forms are typically included in the new/rehire employee paperwork packet (via DocuSign) and administered by regions within Berkeley Regional Services (BRS).

You will also continue to find general Tracker I-9 details in this section.

The HR Records Management Team has been re-aligned to People & Culture (P&C). The team still offers the same suite of services to the Berkeley campus.

The UCPath Center offers support for most all Benefits questions and/or situations.