Contact Human Resources

Are you a UC Berkeley Employee?

Do you need HR support? Employees receive HR support at UC Berkeley from their Service Region. The campus has five service regions, each one providing administrative services to a defined set of units. Your HR Partner is your trusted advisor and will help guide you through any human resources matter, or help you find the right place to go.

How to find your HR contact:

1. Find out which region provides support to your department by logging into Find My Region.

2. Each region has their HR contacts listed in an expandable menu based on which department you work for on campus, or by your last name (ERSO). 

3. Contact the HR Partner listed.

If you are not sure which HR Partner, contact the Supervisor or any other contact on the list and they will help connect you to the right person or team.  

How to submit a request to your HR team:

Are you a Previous UC Berkeley Employee?

Login to UCPath using the Former Employee link to access your W2 and/or other information. 

Not an employee of UC Berkeley? 

If you are a non-Berkeley employee or outside vendor/company and you need to contact HR, please submit your request to Berkeley's People & Culture HR Records Management Team via the methods shown below.

Employment verifications and other Records:

About the UCPath system

UCPath is an HR system used by all University of California campuses. UCPath holds your personal information, job information, paycheck details, benefit elections, annual W2, and more. UCPath offers self-service access to your information and employees may make or request changes in the system. Use the link below to login to UCPath.