AB-119 and SB-270 compliance details now available impacting represented employees

May 24, 2022

Two California bills, AB-119 (passed in 2017) and SB-270 (passed in 2021) outline requirements that public employers, including UC, must provide unions with an accurate list of new and current employee names, job title, department, work location and contact information for all represented employees. This requirement does not pertain to non-represented employees. 

Supervisors and departments are responsible for ensuring accurate, complete, and up-to-date information is recorded in UCPath. Beginning July 1, 2022, failure to provide these details for each represented employee will result in departments facing penalties of up to $10,00 for each violation.

Go to the following People & Culture websites for full details and important FAQs: 

What should you do if you have questions or need help?

  • For questions regarding AB-119 or SB-270, please contact Employee and Labor Relations.
  • For transactional/ucpath related questions, or if you need assistance, reach out to your BRS regional HR Team and open a HR Service Hub ticket to request any UCPath changes. Note: UCPath changes typically take from 5-10 business days to be processed, so best to request any changes now, so they are in effect on/before July 1, 2022.
  • Alternatively, for general UCPath-related questions, you can also send an email to the Berkeley UCPath Operations Team at: ucbucpath@berkeley.edu.