APO and BRS announces 2021 Summer Salary deadline preview

January 15, 2021

(Editors note: the following is a 1/15/21 campus email sent to academic contacts by Heather Archer, Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Personnel and the Berkeley Regional Services Leadership Teams as a preview to the 2021 Summer Salary deadlines and important information.)

Dear Colleagues:

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a nice and restful holiday break. 

Campus faculty will shortly be receiving the call for summer salary requests from Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) or their departmental staff. While the BRS team is working diligently on processes, deadlines, etc., I wanted to share some important factors you should be aware of to help prepare you for this year’s efforts. Please review the following details and cascade them as appropriate to PIs, department research administrators, finance and/or AP analysts.

What is changing?

With summer salary processing and summer sessions hiring, as well as salary changes on top of regular AP/HR activities, transaction volumes during the summer period have traditionally been high.  With UCPath, due to additional hand-offs occurring between UC Berkeley and UCPC, it is taking about twice as long to complete certain transactions during these busy summer months. For Berkeley, this has meant longer transaction turnaround times.  As a result, based on transactional processor feedback and lessons learned from the past two summers, we will see earlier than usual Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) summer salary faculty submission deadlines (i.e., the deadline will be the 10th day of the prior month of the effort month). The primary reason for the earlier deadline centers around Berkeley’s proactive actions to mitigate potential delays in processing these large volumes of time sensitive work during the summer period by the UCPath Center. 

The 2021 faculty and Smartsheet approval deadlines are listed below:

2021 Summer Salary deadlines image

●      Ideally, all requests for 2021 summer salary should be made by faculty no later than April 10, 2021; however, we realize that this may not be possible for all the summer months

●      Subsequent June, July and August effort months will follow similar deadlines of the 10th day of the prior month.

Important details regarding summer salary requests submitted after the deadlines

We strongly encourage PIs to submit requests by the posted deadlines, given the complexity of summer salary processing and UCPath-driven process changes. On-time submissions of summer salary requests will help avoid any UCPath entry and/or pay errors for retroactive actions and ensure on-time pay.

 Policy questions regarding summer compensation for faculty may be directed to APO via appolicy@berkeley.edu

You will be learning more details soon about this year’s summer salary efforts from your BRS regional teams and questions can be directed to your BRS HR/AP Business Partner and/or RA.


Heather Archer

Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Personnel

Berkeley Regional Services Leadership Team

Regional Directors: Cynthia Weekley, Adam Berke, Teal Sexton, Julia Arno, and Lori Tannyhill

HR Manager/Supervisors: Bradley Evans, Linda Marmolejo, Sebastian Belser, Jerry Nazareta, Ana Sanchez, Eboni Wilson, Aza Gevorkian, Renee Wallace, and Marco Rubio.