Freezing Legacy HR ServiceNow

October 13, 2022

Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) launched the HR Service Hub last October to replace the legacy HR ServiceNow platform. We are now working to close any remaining open cases in the Legacy HR ServiceNow  system, before it becomes “read only” on December 19, 2022. It will remain frozen as a “read only” system indefinitely. Any cases that are not able to be completed by the end of October will be reopened and completed in the HR Service Hub, with a reference to the related ticket in the Legacy HR ServiceNow platform. 

Below is a breakdown of what to expect to see between now and the end of the year. Be sure to reach out to the respective regional HR Team if there are questions.  

  • October - Regions must complete as many open cases as possible. This includes all cases that can be finished by the end of this month. If a case requires tasks from other teams, please create a new case in the HR Service Hub and ensure the task is fired to the appropriate team. This may mean closing the duplicate tasks that were already completed in legacy with a note (i.e. completed in legacy). Include a reference to the Legacy HR ServiceNow case in the “Related Ticket” field. This creates a live-link between the cases for historical reference.

  • November Please do not assign any tasks in Legacy HR ServiceNow after 10/31. Starting in November, all work going forward must be performed in the HR Service Hub. Regions must continue to transition any remaining cases in progress by opening a new HR Service Hub case and referencing the Legacy HR ServiceNow case in the new “related ticket” field. 

  • December Regions will perform a final review before ALL open Legacy HR ServiceNow cases freeze on 12/19/22 This means the case will be frozen with a status of "SYSTEM RETIRED" and any open tasks will no longer be able to be updated.  

Please make sure you communicate clearly with your clients about any cases you are transitioning, so they understand that there is still work in progress in the new case even though you have closed the legacy case.