New to CalTime: COVID-19 related leave hours used

August 26, 2020

Berkeley’s CalTime Team has just added new labels to enable employees and managers to easily view the total year to date amount of COVID-19 related leave hours recorded in CalTime. CalTime users may locate these hours taken by viewing the accrual tab at the bottom of their employee timecard. This is the same section where employees currently view their vacation and sick leave accruals and balances. 

Please know that unlike vacation and sick time, the new labels displayed are not hours accrued or banks of time, but instead, total COVID-19 leave hours that have been used and recorded to date on the employees timecard(s) in CalTime. 

The new labels are:

  • Total CV19-admin leave with pay used: UC Paid Administrative Leave (i.e 128 hours)

  • Total EFML-First two weeks used: Expanded Family Medical Leave 

  • Total EFML-Next 10 weeks used:  Expanded Family Medical Leave 

  • Total EPSL-Emergency Paid Sick used: Emergency Paid Sick Leave (i.e 80 hours)

 Here is what it looks like: 

Image of CalTime screen shot of COVID leave accruals

We hope you will find this added information useful in your efforts to track COVID leave time taken. Visit the CalTime website for a list of the COVID related CalTime pay codes that are included in each of the areas above.  Please contact your respective Berkeley Regional Services HR team for any questions.