Zoom Service Updates for Improved Security

August 4, 2020

(Editors note: the following represents a CalMessage sent to campus on 8/3/30 from Jenn Stringer.)

CalMessage banner for AVC and CIO Jenn Stringer

Dear Campus Community, 

In a previous message about the incidents of Zoom bombing on campus, we committed to making improvements to our Zoom service in order to strengthen security and privacy settings as mechanisms to mitigate further acts of Zoom bombing. We are writing to provide an update to you about the specifics of those changes, which will be rolled out between now and the start of the fall semester.

The single most notable change is starting Aug. 15, all participants and hosts will be required to sign into a Zoom account prior to joining meetings hosted by UC Berkeley.

We realize this is a significant change, and may result in some disruption for people that are used to simply click on a link to join a meeting. However, the severity and frequency of Zoom bombing incidents, and the harm that they cause, makes this step necessary. Requiring everyone to sign into meetings ensures those who have joined the meeting are identifiable and avoids having anonymous users join your meeting. 

(Read the full CalMessage for additional details like next steps, everyone's role in avoiding Zoom bombings, and other upcoming security changes.)