Readers and Tutors have transitioned to CalTime

On May 31, 2020, Berkeley made the move to update CalTime to include Readers and Tutors. This change was made because it ensures better alignment with best practices for timekeeping across the UC system and the best news is that it helps to facilitate on-time pay as CalTime sends reminder notifications every pay period to both employees and managers to remind employees to complete their timesheets and managers to approve! 

Readers or Tutors who are paid hourly on a biweekly pay cycle should now be submitting timesheets electronically in CalTime. TIP! It's always a good practice to enter the amount of time worked at the end of each day versus waiting until the end of the pay period. You should always ensure time worked each day is accurate before saving the timesheet and getting your supervisors approval to be paid.  

Here are other key details

  • Existing bi-weekly hourly readers and tutors will not be able to create new timesheets for future pay periods in the Reader/Tutor Timekeeping Application (App) after May 31, 2020 but will have the ability to review prior timesheets they had created.  

A majority of readers and tutors (bi-weekly hourly paid, exempt from overtime):

  • Are considered "AnyTime" employees (who enter their time anytime through each pay period).
  • Enters time in the Timecard section of CalTime.
  • Uses the Transfer column in the timecard to record time to differentiate jobs (also known as "friendly name" -- after authenticating, anyone at Berkeley can see their friendly name(s) at:
  • Will not have an automatic meal break in CalTime.

Some readers and tutors (such as those with student assistant positions may be considered non-exempt and eligible for overtime ):

  • Are considered "RealTime" employees (who enter their time in realtime at the beginning and end of their shift) and employees that are non-exempt because of their student assistant position will most likely be classified as realtime because of the other job.
  • Uses the Transfer column in the timecard to record time to differentiate jobs (also known as "friendly name").
  • Will have an automatic meal break in CalTime.

Training resources 

Review these resources available on the CalTime website:

Reader/Tutor Timekeeping Application (App) resources 

Typically, Lecturers who also hold a Reader/Tutor position would continue to use the Timekeeping App as well as other titles with unique circumstances on a case-by-case basis. For assistance, use these tools:

Seek additional guidance about this from your respective BRS HR Business Partner, HR Generalist, or BRS Regional Timekeeper.