10/25/21 launch date announced for the new HR Service Hub

September 17, 2021

Berkeley Regional Services' (BRS) HR Service Hub Project Team has just announced the 10/25/21 launch of the HR Service Hub which will replace HR ServiceNow (IT ServiceNow will not be impacted). BRS regions continue to communicate updates to their campus departments about the new platform. In addition, campus Chief Administration Officers (CAOs), Control Unit Administrators (CUAs) and Chiefs of Staff (COS') received an update on 9/15/21.

Here are the important highlights included in these recent various communications:

  • The landing page and Catalog have been modernized and there will be less required information and data entry needed to open a case (ticket).

  • An intuitive Search feature will save time - - it’s been expanded with words/phrases that are commonly used. That means you can just search for what you need, or you can always navigate easy catalog menu choices.  

  • The new HR Service Hub will give campus users the ability to create a case/ticket in draft mode; saving it to finish later. This is something campus has been asking for and will now be available!

  • There will be more auto-feeds from UCPath leveraging additional data which will reduce data entry.

  • A new Department Access User role (DAU) will be available to request via Divisional Finance Leader (DFL) approval - - it provides DAUs with access to view all cases for their approved departments, along with the work notes in those cases. This will put more information at their fingertips and gives departments/employees more information about the status of open cases.

    • This is a specialized role and should only be requested at the hightest level. It does not replace the "watch list" which continues the primary way for others to see case/ticket status'.  

Additional support for campus: 

  • BRS has just released Fast Facts, #2,  and in its two (2) pages, has many more details that campus should find useful. You can see the Fast Facts Library on the HR Service Hub project website.

  • There will be multiple job aids and short “how to” videos available for campus users, likely in early October.

  • To help departments/units prepare for this transition, each BRS region has identified HR Service Hub Champions who are the “go-to” team for their respective departments/units, to answer questions and provide support. They can also provide a “sneak peek” demo before/during/after go-live. Reach out to your regional team if you would like to arrange for a demo.

 The Project Team is now finalizing testing and making "show stopper" changes to be ready for the 10/25 launch. With that date right around the corner, regional teams are planning to share more information soon.