Fall 2019 ASE/GSR Hiring Process Begins

April 16, 2019

The fall semester will be here before we know it and Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) HR team(s) are working diligently to finalize Smartsheet updates and any needed process changes for the Fall 2019 ASE/GSR Hiring Processes. They are working on final details as they also continue to navigate UCPath implementation efforts.

What's not changing?

  • The overall process - Smartsheets will still be used to request ASE/GSR hires.

    • A new Fall 2019 Smartsheet is scheduled to be available on Monday, April 22, 2019. Regional HR teams will be reaching out to their units/departments once the sheet(s) are available (from April 18-April 21 the current Smarthseet will not be availble for entry).

    • This ASE-GSR Hiring Timeline and Onboarding Dates for Fall 2019 document can provide important dates you need to know for the next hiring period.

What IS changing?

  • Smartsheets will have several updates, including new rates and fee remission amounts, and columns related to UCPath and Tracker I-9 (UC-wide online system for employment eligibility).
  • This year brings other changes related to UCPath and Position Management processes.

    • Most significantly, position numbers will need to be created ahead of the Smartsheet entry and included in the Smartsheet for all ASE/GSR hires. Each regional team will be advising their departments how that will work. 

    • With UCPath’s Short Work Break (SWB) status, Bridging is no longer applicable (the possible exception is Summer Session Hiring).

      • SWB is allowed for up to four months for ASE/GSRs and they must have a fall appointment. Departments/units should be sure to add/approve Fall ASE/GSR appointments in Smartsheets by the deadline (5/15/19) if they want to use SWB. BRS will determine if this appointment is eligible and will proceed providing the work authorization is valid.

The ASE/GSR page of the BRS website has all the details.