ASE/GSR Hiring

Here is the information you need to know to initiate the appointment request process for Academic Student Employees (ASEs) and Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs) for the Fall 2019 ASE/GSR Hiring. Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) HR teams will continue to support these efforts for their respective regional units/departments. Check out these current ASE-GSR Hiring Timeline-Onboarding Dates for important deadlines.

The overall process remains the same: Graduate Student Affairs Officers (GSAOs), or any other department personnel authorized to coordinate graduate student hiring, are responsible for initiating the request via the online Smartsheet tool for their department. You can also use the Smartsheet to track the progress of your appointment requests. Plus, the ASE/GSR Intake Form can still be used as an alternative to submit requests (and add attachments) in an easy-to-read form.

This year brings other changes related to UCPath and Position Management processes. Most significantly, position numbers will need to be created ahead of the Smartsheet entry and included in the Smartsheet entry for all ASE/GSR hires. BRS HR/APS regional teams will advise how that will work with their respective units/departments.

What’s changing for 2019 Fall ASE/GSR Hiring Smartsheets?

The ASE/GSR Smartsheets have had some updates, including:

  • New rates and fee remission amounts.
  • New columns related to UCPath and Tracker I-9 (UC-side online system for employment eligibility).
  • Bridging has been replaced by UCPath's Short Work Break (SWB). Note: A possible exception to this is Summer Session Hiring. SWB allows for a longer period of time (up to four months) and will reduce the need for multiple Onboarding activities. Units should add/approve Fall ASE/GSR appointments in Smartsheets by the deadline (5/15) in order to use SWB.
  • More details about the Smartsheet changes can be found here or in the Process Details and Smartsheet Information section. If you're new to Smartsheets, your HR support team (HR Generalists, HR Partners, HR Managers) can provide training.

Actions to take:

To initiate ASE/GSR appointments that start August 1, 2019, use your department’s NEW! Fall 2019 Grad Hiring Smartsheet which will be available on April 22, 2019. (After logging in with your CalNet ID, navigate to your specific department Smartsheet from the “Home” tab). Please note: Access to the current Smartsheet will be changed to "view only" at 9AM on April 18, 2019 and unavailable for new entries. Anything submitted before then and is still in progress, will be transferred to the new Smartsheet. 

When you need assistance:

For questions or to request access to your departmental Smartsheet, please contact your department’s HR/APS support team (HR Generalist, HR Business Partner, or HR Manager).