UCPath Off-Cycle Pay Information

August 21, 2019

The following is a summary of some helpful information that will help prepare the campus for any pay-impacting issues around the beginning of September as Berkeley begins the Fall Semester.

As announced previously, UCPath will experience system outages (aka "lockouts") when the next sister campuses (UC Davis, et all) go live in September. During conversion, the UCPath system will be down for all locations as noted below; this includes all inquiry and self-service functions: 

  • 1st UCPath lockout (impacting employees paid on a monthly basis): Friday, August 30 at 5PM thru Wednesday, September 4 at 12AM

  • 2nd UCPath lockout (impacting employees paid on a biweekly basis): Friday, September 12 at 5PM thru Tuesday, September 17 at 12AM

During the lockout periods, off-cycle requests will not be processed and this includes instant pay cards. As a result, any late ASE/GSR additions to the smartsheet which require off-cycle pay or any missed pay from the 9/1/19 paychecks will have significant delays to pay issuance.

It is anticipated the delays will likely mean any off-cycle pay request between 8/20/19 and 9/3/2019 may NOT be issued until 9/17/2019 at the earliest.

**Please note that when off cycle pay requests are submitted, BRS does not know when pay will be issued -- this is manually provided by UC Path and can change until pay is in pay confirm status***

In order to avoid issues with delayed off cycle pay requests around the beginning of September, please consider the following:

  • Add any new ASE/GSR to the smartsheet as soon as possible.

  • For any late graduate student appointments added to the smartsheet (between now and 9/3/19), please inform the employee that they will experience delays to their pay and will likely not be paid until 9/17/19.

  • Provide options with respect to emergency loans to employees at the time of a late appointment so they can prepare a contingency plan. 

  • Encourage all existing employees and new hires that are live in UC Path to enroll in direct deposit via self service as soon as possible. This helps avoid the additional 2-3 days it takes to have a check mailed to an employee’s address.

Important Fee Remissions Information:

The Graduate Division issued an email to all Graduate Student Affairs Officers (GSAOs) on August 19, 2019, outlining how they plan to work with students and departments to address problems that might arise due to late appointments or systems issues that could impact fee remissions. For more information, please go to the Graduate Division website: https://grad.berkeley.edu/ . For information on fee payment deadlines, please see these FAQs.