We're improving HR ServiceNow

March 9, 2020

In the next evolution to improve the way HR help is requested and managed on campus, the Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) team, collaborating with partners in Information Services & Technology (IT&S) and the Business Process Management Office (BPMO) are working on introducing a new, more modern HR ServiceNow look and feel, calling it, HR ServiceNow 2.0.

Improvements you'll see ~

  • It will be easier to ask for what you need by using a MORE INTUITIVE SYSTEM with less required information up front when making a request.
  • Approved staff will have more information and details right at their fingertips with GREATER VISIBILITY into their department(s) requests.
  • We'll simplify PDF/Word forms and convert many to online forms so your information will feed directly into your request which will ELIMINATE DOUBLE DATA ENTRY.

Phase 1 kicked off last month and plans are that campus will see the first set of improvements in Fall 2020; with additional improvements rolled out between then and May 2021.

Multiple work teams have been formed and campus departments have been invited to particiate on the teams with BRS staff. To showcase this project and the work of the various teams, new HR ServiceNow 2.0 project web pages have been launched and details will be updated as progress occurs over time. 

You can check out these new web pages here, as well as find them on the BRS website under Regional Services / HR/APS Services.