The Direct Enter process introduced by the Controller’s Office in 2018 (ad enhanced in 2020) must be used by staff, student employees, and faculty to directly enter all travel reimbursement requests at: (versus filling out T&E forms and submitting in BearBuy) as well as other non-travel expenses. Using Direct Enter shortens processing time to payment from weeks to days, and puts more control of the process in the hands of employees requesting reimbursement.

In an email to campus on 1/23/20, it was announced that the Reimbursement System has now been updated to allow direct entry for other eligible expenses in addition to Travel & Entertainment.

Divisional Finance Leaders (DFLs) can offer additional support and guidance to campus departments for using Direct Enter for reimbursements as well as the Controller's Office. Please note that existing processes should be followed for any exceptional reimbursement approvals. Unsure of those processes? Check with your department/unit’s DFL.

Visitors and students that are not employees should follow the instructions below for T&E expense reimbursements.

Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) is available to assist with complex travel reimbursements that involve extensive foreign currency transactions and multiple destinations, as well as T&E expenses  for visitors and non-employee students as noted above. In these instances, download the applicable form found in the Related Forms & Documents section to the right.

  • Complete required sections and obtain PI/Supervisor accounting approvals (i.e., signatures) as needed.

  • Scan the form and receipts/supporting documents as a PDF file.

Please note: For certain types of Entertainment events, the event host must be present at the event and certify expenses/business purpose via a signature on the form. Check out the Controller’s Office Entertainment webpage to find out what types apply.

Then, in BearBuy, go to:

  • > Forms > Campus Shared Services > CSS (Travel & Entertainment Reimbursement)
  • Enter all required fields and attach the PDF using “Internal Attachments” section.
  • Click “go” to “add and go to cart” then click “view cart details”.
  • Enter Org Node  (if it’s not already present) and Chartstring on the “Accounting Codes” tab – select “submit” at the top right of screen.
  • Submit ONE request PER CART.