The Direct Enter process via the Online Travel & Reimbursement System must be used by staff, student employees, and faculty to directly enter all travel reimbursement requests and non-travel related expense reimbursements at: (versus filling out T&E forms in BearBUY). Using Direct Enter shortens processing time to payment from weeks to days, and puts more control of the process in the hands of employees requesting reimbursement.

Divisional Finance Leaders (DFLs) can offer additional support and guidance to campus departments for using Direct Enter for reimbursements as well as the Controller's Office. Please note that existing processes should be followed for any exceptional reimbursement approvals. Unsure of those processes? Check with your department/unit’s DFL.

Periodic updates:

3/10/23: The Controller's Office announces that students who are not employees are able to access the campus reimbursement system beginning in March '23. Students will be able to use the reimbursement system for travel, business meetings, or entertainment, etc., that they need to submit for reimbursement.