Resources for new staff

UC Berkeley is routinely ranked as the #1 public university in the world. The faculty, staff and students share a spirit of openness, innovation, and commitment to public service. Whether as research administrators, IT engineers, HR professionals, or financial analysts, Berkeley staff members do exceptional work every day. We are lifelong learners and dedicated professionals, united in service to this extraordinary University.

At Berkeley Regional Services (BRS), we are committed to creating a high-performance culture that embraces innovation, encourages collaboration, and furthers the professional development for all staff.

UC Berkeley Operating Principles

At Berkeley, we have developed a strong set of Operating Principles that help define our shared vision for an inclusive, inventive, and adaptable working culture. For more information on the Operating Principles initiative, to recognize a colleague who exemplifies these principles, and to find more ways to get involved, visit the Operating Principles web page.

Check out the plethora of information, tools, links, and information found on Berkeley's People and Culture website for New Employees.

Resources for managers/supervisors

To help with onboarding new BRS staff members

BRS Connect materials for new staff

Managers and supervisors can download a Welcome Guide, presentation deck, as well as a general Supervisor Checklist which they can customize relative to their region. Use this Promapp link to access the materials library.

HR Generalist New Hire Training and Access Checklist

Developed and maintained by the SHARE Region, managers/supervisors from other regions are welcome to leverage this great tool to use with their new Gens.

Be sure to make a copy and save it to the applicable Regional google folder. Please do not make any edits to the SHARE master google doc.

Berkeley's New Employee Reception & Orientation (NERO) sessions

Encourage new BRS staff to register for and attend one of the NERO sessions that are presented virtually once a month by Berkeley People & Culture (formerly Berkeley HR). Even if a new employee can't attend a Zoom session, they can watch a previously recorded session. 

The NERO webpage has all the details. 

Resources for ALL new BRS staff

Some additional avenues and resources to keep in mind as one navigates their new Berkeley journey!

Starting a new job at UC Berkeley

While the links to these "next steps checklists" were included in the onboarding materials for ALL new Berkeley employees, a good reminder that Part 2 and Part 3 of the checklist series provides a good start to review all the information and actions new employees in BRS need to take.

BRS Facilities assistance

Visit the BRS Facilities webpage to help differentiate the support they provide regional staff as well as what each region is responsible for providing to their staff. The webpage also has links to related documents and/or job aid tools. If assistance is needed from BRS Facilities, use this google form.

BRS Recognition and Rewards

As part of the commitment to focus on BRS staff, there are ways and programs available in each region to recognize staff for exemplary behaviors and reqard them for outstanding performance. Visit this webpage to read more.