Work Authorization Quality Assurance Team (WAQA)

We're working to establish controls to reduce risk and ensure protocols are followed for required work authorizations for Berkeley employees~

What are we focused on?

  • Compliance - To ensure security protocols are followed with tools and systems including DocuSign and Tracker I-9.
  • Reporting - To ensure more timely transaction auditing and data integrity for reporting.
  • Processes - Create a single end-to-end Work Authorization process with a focus on reducing risk, improving service and sharing knowledge.
  • Roles & Responsibilities - Clearly define accountability measurements and the associated roles and responsibilities.
  • Strategic Alignment - Obtain a clear understanding of UCOP and UCPC expectations and align team progress to achieve our objectives using Tracker I-9 as a single source of truth in the future state.


Eugene Whitlock, AVC, People & Culture

Heather Archer, AVC, Academic Personnel Office

WAQA Team 

BEARS Region Rosalyn Kilbourne, Zach Saltzman
BEST Region Eun Young Lee

BRS Central Services

Alison Murray, Stephanie Tang, Katie Scarborough, Jeremy Engleman, Rachel Kuo, Katya Tikkanen, Jessica Adaya, Carlos Ascasibar
Cal Performances Michael DeBellis
ChaMPS Region Kim King, Veronica Alvarez
ERSO Gina Banton
I-House Regina Parker
People & Culture Ying Kuah
ProS Region Latara Harris, Kimberley Thomas
SHARE Region Ana Chavez, Thomas Miao, Oyebola Omesebi
VCA BPMO Chris DeMarco
VCA Comms Arliss Nakken
Project Lead Janet Speer, BRS Central Services Director
This team will be a point of contact to support the Compliance Officer (AVC P&C) perform audits, achieve compliance, address gaps, identify issues, and align all process improvements with Federal, State, and UCOP requirements.
Janet Speer, WAQA Project Lead

WAQA Workgroups

The sub-groups reflected below are working on specific areas of the Charter. Click on each box to see who is on the team and the work they are charged with.

Video Verifications (Form I-9)

(Workgroup names and details coming soon!)

Audit, Metrics, and Other Reporting

(Workgroup names and details coming soon!)