Background Checks

To protect the campus community and its assets, the University needs to ensure that individuals assigned to certain campus positions have no history of criminal behavior relevant to their employment. Designated positions requiring a Background Check are positions where job responsibilities include, for example:

  • Working with minors
  • Handling or having access to cash or personally identifiable information
  • Having access to secured or restricted areas

These types of positions require finalists to be fingerprinted and are referred to as "designated" positions.

Other important details:

In February 2024, a background check will be a TWO-STEP PROCESS for applicants and Berkeley partners with two service providers, HireRight who performs the nationwide background check(s) and Biometrics4ALL, Inc who perform fingerprinting (Livescan) services for both CA applicants and non-CA applicants. The information and links to use will be included in a Background Check (DocuSign) Packet which applicants will receive as part of their onboarding/new employee paperwork process with a BRS Regional Onboarding Team.

This Background Check Process at Berkeley, a Managers View presentation outlines more about the new two-step process. These detailed steps outline what an applicant will experience when they submit their background check application.

New employee/applicants will:

  • Complete a short online application with HireRight to perform the FBI National Criminal Background Check. They will enter their legal name, address, phone number, date of birth, and Social Security Number.  
  • Schedule their fingerprinting appointment with Biometrics4ALL, Inc. If they reside in CA, there are hundereds of locations available and applicants can choose a location most convenient for them. Candidates outside of CA will not use LiveScan with Biometrics4ALL but instead, follow a paper-based/hard card process versus an electronic process at a location in their state.
  • If a new Berkeley employee receives a notice that their fingerprint/background check has been rejected for any reasonthey must follow these steps ASAP to make another appointment to get their fingerprints "re-done".

Note: UC Berkeley Police Department (UCPD) no longer provides fingerprinting services for the Berkeley campus. Exception: UCPD will provide these services for Cal Alumni Association as they are a Non- Affiliate.

Most importantly, before someone can be hired for a position deemed critical, Hiring Departments MUST, for each applicant, ensure that those applicable new hires have cleared both their background check/fingerprinting requirements.

Fee schedule (to remain the same for FY23-24):

The Background Check fees (IOF for a total of $155) is broken down into the following: 

  • $49 = HireRight
  • $25 = Biometrics4All
  • $81 = UC Police Department Berkeley Adjudication Fee & Records Management

For applicants who must get their Background Check "re-done" and it is within 30 days from the original appointment date, there is no charge. If it is done after the 30 day period, the applicant will need to do a new transaction and incur an additional charge ($105) broken down into the following:

  • $49 = HireRight
  • $25 = Biometrics4All
  • $31 = UC Police Department Berkeley Adjudication Fee & Records Management

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