The new HR Service Hub is now live!

October 26, 2021

(Editor's note: the following represents a VCA CALMessage that was sent to all faculty & staff from Marc Fisher, VC Administration on 10/25/21 - - though this does not apply to departments who receive support from ERSO - - they will continue to use their existing processes).

Image of Cal Message masthead for VC Administration

Dear Campus Colleagues, 

I am excited to share the news that the new and improved HR ServiceNow system, the HR Service Hub, went live today, 10/25/21! After almost two years of work and preparation, Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) is bringing a more modern system which will transform the way you request and manage services with our regional HR teams.  

Here are the important highlights:

  • The landing page and Catalog have been modernized and there will be less required information and data entry needed to open a case (ticket).

  • An intuitive Search feature will save time - - it’s been expanded with words/phrases that are commonly used. That means you can just search for what you need, or you can always navigate using easy catalog menu choices.  

  • The new HR Service Hub will give campus users the ability to create a case/ticket in draft mode; saving it to finish later. This is something campus has been asking for and will now be available!

  • There will be more auto-feeds from UCPath leveraging additional data that will reduce your data entry.

  • It’s important to know that IT ServiceNow requests are not changing.

You have additional support: 

Please join me in extending many thanks to the HR Service Hub Project Team and Work Teams, led by Teal Sexton, SHARE Regional Director and (interim) ChaMPS Regional Director, and our ServiceNow colleagues in Berkeley IT. Their vision, collaboration, expertise, and hard work were all key to our successful launch. I would also like to thank all the BRS HR/APS leadership and staff who contributed to this project for providing their valuable time, effort, and subject matter expertise in introducing this new tool to the Berkeley campus.

Please reach out to your regional HR teams if you have additional questions and/or you would like to arrange for a demonstration. I look forward to hearing about your experience with the new HR Service Hub. I am confident you will find it to be a helpful and intuitive new tool.

Kind regards, 

Marc Fisher

Vice Chancellor, Administration