Regional Onboarding for New Employees-Part 3

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Before your first 31 days (and beyond)

Now that you have received a Cal 1 Card, setup things like your email/calendar, UCPath, Direct Deposit, etc., there are some additional things to do.

More actions to take:

Enroll in Benefits during your initial 31-day period (Benefits are determined by the eligibility of your appointment)

All eligible University of California employees will use the UCPath Online Employee Portal to enroll in benefits.

  • It is important to know that eligible employees MUST TAKE POSITIVE ACTION to enroll/decline benefits during the initial 31-day period of eligibility (includes weekends/holidays). Failure to do so will prevent you from enrolling yourself and/or your eligible family members until the next Open Enrollment period and could result in penalties under the ACA regulations. 
  • You don't need to complete enrollments all at once; you have 31 days from the start of employment to view your enrollment choices, however you can only submit your benefits once.
  • For most plans, you are covered on your first day at work, but it can take 30-60 days after you enroll for the insurance companies to receive a record of your enrollment. If you need immediate services, check with the insurance carrier first to see if they have a record of your enrollment. Within 72 hours of your enrollment, it will be available to all UC insurance carriers via a secure website (UC Carrier Eligibility Website).

Use the following link for more information regarding benefits:

Consider attending a Health Benefits Presentation** for a more comprehensive view of the benefits available. Presentations are offered every week at University Hall, (2199 Addison St.) room 1-B (basement) and no registration is required:

  • Career/staff employees: Tuesdays at 11AM 
  • Post Docs: Thursdays at 10AM

**Please know that during the COVID-19 environment, in-person Health Benefits Presentations have been suspended. You can attend Benefits Orientation webinars and/or watch pre-recordings. Look for details here.

NOTE: You should also receive an email from the UCPath Center reminding you to take action (if you're eligible) for Benefits.


UCPath Online Employee Portal:

UCPath Center - Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM (PT) - (855) 982-7284

University Health Services Faculty & Staff Health Programs

Wellness program for faculty and staff

Check out Berkeley's Parking & Transportion Options

Berkeley's Parking & Transportation Department provides a full range of services, serving a diverse community of more than 35,000 students and 15,000 faculty and staff in the City of Berkeley. If you are commuting by bike, car, or just walking to campus, there are many options available to you.

Visit the UC Berkeley Parking & Transportation website to review your options and plan your parking and transportation needs at:


Consider Enrolling in Wageworks

You may be eligible for Wageworks, a pre-tax Commuter Benefit Services Program.

Benefits include:

  • Pre-tax Annual Parking Permits
  • Annual Clipper Card (Translink)
  • Non-UC parking and vanpool fares benefits

For directions on how to register for Wageworks, use this link to Berkeley's Parking & Transportation:


Wageworks website:  -- or call (877) 924-3967 (M-F - 5AM-5PM)

Additional Items to Review With Your Supervisor

There are other aspects of your job and your work environment that you need to know. Be sure to learn more about the following from your supervisor:

  • Access to your specific work location/building.
  • Safety training that may be available and/or building safety & emergency information.
  • Review your job description and discuss your probationary period, what's expected, and your performance evaluations during probation (and beyond).
  • Discuss your department's training plan for you and the key people you should meet.
  • Learn about work schedules, call-in procedures in case of tardiness or absence, and work rules in your department.
  • Ensure you have (or will soon have) all the varous systems access you need to do your job.

Complete Mandatory Training

The following training is required of new employees and must be completed within the first six (6) weeks of hire. Training is accessed from the UC Learning Center:

  • Cyber Security Training (SECURITY-BE-ECO) is required of all payroll-based employees.

One or the other depending on your role:

  • Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (SVSAST-BE-ECO-2016) for staff.
  • Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for supervisors and faculty (AB1825-BE-ECO-2016)

Though not mandatory, new employees are encouraged to view this briefing within the first six months of employment: 

  • General Compliance Briefing: University of California Ethical Values and Conduct (ETHICS-BE-ECO)


Berkeley's People and Organizational Development website ( provides a robust catalog of tools, experiences, and resources you need to succeed in your career growth and training.

Sign Up for WarnMe Emergency Alert Service

WarnMe is Berkeley's emergency alert system and sends you messages when there is a threat to the safety of the campus community. Employees are automatically enrolled via their Berkeley email. To receive alerts via other methods, you must indicate how to contact you. (Text messages are the fastest method and should be your first alert priority (standard texting rates may apply.) There are two ways to enroll: 

Add your phone number to the Text Message/SMS line and select "1" as your priority. Click "submit information". Note: you can update your alert phone number at any time.  

Learn More About UC Berkeley's Leave Policies and Pay Date Calendar

Check out these links for a plethora of information including: 


Berkeley's People & Culture website:

Berkeley's Controller's Office website for Central Payroll:

Explore Other Websites

To get you started learning more about UC Berkeley (and Berkeley Regional Services), here are some websites that will help new employees acclimate: 

W-4/NR Tax Form (for Foreign Nationals only)

The completion of this form is only required for non-resident alient employees working in return for pay/other compensation in the United States. The University of California Employee's Federal-State Withholding Allowance Certificate Form (W-4/NR Tax Form) can be found at:

This form must be completed for tax purposes and can only be completed and processed with the Social Security Number of the person completing the form.


UC campus departments can contact Central Payroll if they have any questions about this form and/or the requirements. 

Central Payroll Office - 2195 Hearst Ave., Suite 120, Berkeley, CA 94720 - email:

Make Your Retirement Choice Plan Election (within your first 90 days if eligible)

Currently, unrepresented employees and members of the following unions (KB, LX, IX, DX, KM,K9, K5, K2, K8) are eligible to participate in the UC Reirement Plan. If you are eligible to participate, you are required to choose between two plan options, either the Pension Choice or the Savings Choice. 

You will have an election period of 90 days that starts from your hire or benefit eligibility date. If you do not make an election, you will be automatically defaulted to the Pension Choice Plan, which is a permanent election. Tip: You will not start accruing service credits for retirment until your election choice is made; so best do so ASAP.

  • Go to: (you'll be asked to authenticate yourself)
  • Choose a plan
  • Name a beneficiary
  • Change investments
  • Optional: Enroll in Retirement Savings Program


For the complete Retirement Benefit Guide for Employees, go to:

University of California Retirement Savings Program

Safe Harbor

Note: If you leave your UC employment, please contact Fidelity Retirement Services after 30 days about your options to manage your contributions.


Other plans are offered - go to:

The Retirement Administration Service Center can also help - call them at (800) 888-8267 x 4, or (510) 987-0900.