Support RAs provide

In their efforts to support their Principle Investigators (PIs), Research Administrators develops and/or oversees research proposals, awards, transactions related to contract and grant management and maintains records in compliance with institutional and research sponsored policies.

Here's a high-level summary of the work RAs do to support the various components throughout the lifecycle of a contract or grant.

RA LifeCycle

Lifecycle image for contracts and grants

Step 1 - Pre-Award Proposals

  • Manage the development process/timelines including sub-recipients and collaborating institutions/senior personnel.
  • Facilitate and prepare non-technical proposal submission to SPO/IAO via the Phoebe proposal system.
  • Prepare/edit proposal budgets with their PIs and works with them to request exceptional status through VCRO.
  • Coordinates compliance elements including COI and research subjects.

Step 2 - Pre-Award Negotiation Support

  • Work with their PIs to address agency requested revisions and related documents, and to complete compliance requirements. 
  • Submit/coordinate fund advance requests for SPO review.

Step 3 - Award Set-Up

  • Review and process budget uploads to CGA.
  • Work with their PIs to initiate spending, review terms and conditions of awards, and initiate and set-up sub-awards.
  • Verify receipt of start-up, retention, and gift funds promised to PIs (where appropriate).

Step 4 - Award Fund Management

  • Maintain fiscal oversight, monthly reviews, reconciliations and standardized reporting and projections to PIs using PI Portfolio.
  • Facilitate progress reporting and works with CGA for fiscal report submissions.
  • Approve funding for personnel requests including ASE/GSR approvals and Summer Salary.
  • Review expenditures for allowability and cost transfers to ensure accordance with award terms and conditions.
  • Works with their PIs for sub-award payment approvals and escalates issues/concerns as appropriate.
  • Provide responses in accordance with audit request from SPO/CGA and UCB Audit when needed. 

Step 5 - Award Close-Out

  • Submit award close-out certification forms in accordance with CGA guidelines and procedures.