BRS regions begin communicating 2023 Summer Salary for Faculty processes

March 6, 2023

Beginning on Monday, 3/6/23, Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) regions will begin communicating all the details around this year's 2023 Summer Salary processes to their departments and PIs.

Below are highlights and more detailed processes and timelines can be found on the Summer Salary for Faculty pages of the BRS website:

  • Some of these details were originally communicated to campus on 1/18/23 by Heather Archer, Assistant Vice Provost/Academic Personnel Office and Berkeley Regional Services.
    • In essence, to highlight the start of the summer salary request period, and to convey that similar to the prior year, we will maintain the earlier than usual faculty submission deadlines due to Berkeley’s proactive actions to mitigate potential delays in processing these large volumes during the summer period at the UCPath Center. 
  • It is strongly recommended that departments and faculty make every effort to submit summer salary requests by the posted deadlines to avoid UCPath processing delays and potential pay errors due to retroactive actions.
  • Regional HR/APS teams are in the process of updating this year’s Smartsheets; they anticipate opening access the week of 3/13/23.

    • Begin collecting information from PIs now so that the PI effort days are ready to enter into Smartsheet as soon as it becomes available. 

    • If faculty knows he/she will be taking additional months for summer salary, regionis encourage that requests are submitted early so they can stage the summer salary appointment for the duration of the summer period. This will avoid renewal issues and auto termination of appointments by UCPath.

  • A “office hours” type session will be offered for any Research Administrators/Financial Analysts/Submitters (RA/FA) on 3/17/23 from 1-2:30 PM Please join or share the Zoom meeting link with staff who may want to attend and ask questions. Before attending, it’s highly recommended participants review the recorded training from last summer prior to attending the office hours. New department managers or AP analysts that will be submitting summer salary requests on the smartsheet, are highly encourage  to attend.

Go to the Summer Salary for Faculty pages of the BRS website for:

For specific policy questions regarding summer compensation, please contact the Academic Personnel Office (APO) at: