Important Summer Salary deadlines and details

As was communicated to campus on 1/18/24 in a joint email from Heather Archer, Assistant Vice Provost/Academic Personnel and Berkeley Regional Services (BRS), the campus will again experience earlier than usual faculty submission deadlines due to Berkeley's proactive actions to mitigate potential delays in processing these large volumes during the summer period at the UCPath Center. 

Ideally, all 2024 Summer Salary requests should be made by faculty prior to Wednesday, 4/10/2024; however, reality is that sometimes this may not be possible. Requests submitted for processing — by either a BRS RA or by departmental staff, on behalf of the faculty — prior to the first of the month will be paid on the next monthly exempt pay date. For example:

  • For payment on May 31 (for effort in May), prior to 4/10/2024
  • For payment on July 1 (for effort in June and/or May), prior to 5/10/2024
  • For payment on August 1 (for effort in July, June, and/or May), prior to 6/10/2024
  • For payment on August 30 (for effort in August, July, June, and/or May), prior to 7/10/2024

Deadlines for 2024

Effort MonthCheck DateFaculty Deadline

RA/FA Smartsheet Approval Deadline

May 5/31/2024 4/10/2024 4/18/2024
June 7/1/2024 5/10/2024 5/18/2024
July 8/1/2024 6/10/2024 6/18/2024
August 8/30/2024 7/10/2024 7/18/2024

Late Requests

If a late summer salary request is submitted after the posted deadline, please know that due to UCPath system limitations, there is no guarantee that late requests will be processed on the requested chartstring. In some instances, a Salary Cost Transfer might not work to transfer late payroll transactions to capped funds, and the PI might need to use a discretionary fund or other sponsored funds to cover the expense of their late summer salary request. It is important that PIs/departments work with their applicable RA in these instances to work through the complexities.

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