Summer Session Hiring details for 2021 announced

March 4, 2021

(Editor's note: Below is the email from Moon Jang-Shinn, CAO, Summer Sessions, Study Abroad & Lifelong Learning (SSALL) and the BRS HR Management Team on 3/4/21 to announce the 2021 Summer Sessions Hiring Process has now begun.)


Dear Department Managers and Colleagues,

We have begun working on 2021 Summer Sessions Hiring and I am writing today to share details about this year's processes. Below are the important dates and deadlines to help in your preparations and assist you to answer questions for your new Summer Sessions hires. Please keep in mind that these deadlines are the absolute date by which to take action to ensure Summer Session hires are paid on time. It would be helpful to remind these hires to take action as quickly as possible.

Deadlines for Summer Session Hiring in 2021

What’s new this year

  • On a regular schedule, we are automatically updating the hire status information directly from UCPath. This means that the accurate status updates are made in eHire almost as soon as the record is created in UCPath. Please remember to utilize the Status Tracking section of eHire to get the most up-to-date information on your hire requests.

What’s still the same

  • You will continue to use the eHire system to submit hiring requests. We anticipate that there will be little or no changes in the type of information collected for each hire and the overall workflow.

  • If you submitted requests in the past, your access is still active. If this is your first time - contact us at: and we'll set you up. If you had access to the legacy eHire, you should have access to the new eHire.

Submitting hire requests

Onboarding while working within the COVID-19 environment

Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) will continue to conduct remote onboarding (e.g., DocuSign packets and work authorization video appointments) for all new employees and this includes Summer Sessions hires needing onboarding. You can find information about the remote onboarding process on the Berkeley Regional Services Central Services/Onboarding webpages

  • If you have questions about remote onboarding, submit an online (HR ServiceNow) ticket under the “Ask a Question/Report a Problem” category from the HR/APS Service Request Catalog

  • It is important to adhere to the appropriate deadlines to ensure on-time pay and system access for these new hires.

Helpful reminders and additional details

  • When you need assistance, Summer Sessions will continue to assist you with eHire system/access or if you have any finance questions. Summer Sessions will also continue to create and issue all agreement/offer letters.

  • BRS will still be your point of contact after the offer has been accepted in eHire and is responsible for all onboarding activities and payroll/timekeeping transactions.

  • It continues to be the department's responsibility to ensure that a potential employee's visa status is valid for employment at UC Berkeley.

  • Please use the salary rate in effect June 30, 2020 when making appointment requests. You will find thesalary scales on the APO website

  • You can find your department’s Summer Sessions hiring request details from last year in eHire. Go to “Status Tracking” and select 2020 from the “Year Submitted” drop-down menu. 

  • To reduce risks of any overpayments or impacts to our students, please remember to contact Summer Sessions whenever a scheduled session is being cancelled. Summer Sessions will proactively contact the registered students and BRS can ensure payroll is not generated.

Need more help? 

  • Contact Nicole Nakano at: when you have questions or need assistance with Summer Sessions.

  • For assistance from BRS after the offer has been accepted, you can submit an online (HR ServiceNow) ticket under the "Ask a Question/Report a Problem" category from the HR/APS Service Request Catalog or contact your respective HR Partner.

Please share this information with any staff processing summer hire requests. You can also refer to our Summer Sessions website and/or BRS’ Summer Sessions Hiring webpages which includes session deadlines and other details. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

In partnership,

Moon Jang-Shinn

Chief Administrative Officer

Summer Sessions, Study Abroad & Lifelong Learning (SSALL)

Bradley Evans, Linda Marmolejo, Sebastian Belser, Danny Reyes, Jerry Nazareta, Ana Sanchez, Eboni Wilson, Aza Gevorkian, Renee Wallace, and Marco Ruiz

Berkeley Regional Services HR Managers, Supervisors (BRS)