Summer Session Hiring Activities

2024 Summer Session Hiring

Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) HR/APS teams continue to partner with the Summer Sessions, Study Abroad & Lifelong Learning (SSALL) team to coordinate summer instructor hiring.  The teams are currently working on the components for the 2024 program and deadlines and details are outlined below.

Campus departments can expect instructions from SSALL on/around the week of March 11, 2024 with the announcement of the exact date the eHire system will be available.  

For now, here are the important dates and deadlines:

2024 Sessions

2024 Session


Last date Offer

Letter to be


Deadline to complete

DocuSign packet and

I-9 Section 1 

for ontime pay

Date I-9 verification

needs to be completed

by an Authorized



Pay dates

A 5/20 - 6/28 4/15 4/26 5/23 5/31 & 7/1
12W 5/20 - 8/9 4/15 4/26 5/24 5/31, 7/1, & 8/1
B 6/3 - 8/9 5/1 5/2 6/4 7/1 & 8/1
C 6/17 - 8/9 5/10 5/13 6/7 7/1 & 8/1
D 7/1 - 8/9 5/31 6/17 7/4 8/1
E 7/22 - 8/9 6/24 7/9 7/25

Continuing employees: 8/30

Summer only-separation check: 8/9

F 7/1 - 7/19 5/31 6/17 7/4

Continuing employees: 8/1

Summer only-separation check: 7/19

See this page on Berkeley's CalTime website for all timecard deadlines each pay period. 

What's new this year

  • We have added one (1) additional pay date to the sessions A and 12W. Please refer to the above table to find the pay dates set for each session in Summer 2024.

  • A Understanding Compensation on Summer Sessions Pay Stubs job aid was created by Berkeley's UCPath team to illustrate how pay is reflected on pay stubs.
  • All Summer Sessions hires are receiving a reminder to complete the mandatory Foundational Skills training referenced in their agreement letters. Please help inform the Summer Sessions instructional hires (particularly if they are new to the campus or Summer Sessions teaching) of this important step of their new employee onboarding process.

  • With the transition of monthly ASEs to CalTime, we added a new field to the Hire Request Form asking for the supervisor information for all ASEs.

  • Please consult the guidance noted on our website in setting the correct rate for TAs/GSIs under the terms of the current UAW contract.