Summer Session Hiring Activities

2022 Summer Session Hiring

Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) HR/APS teams continue to partner with the Summer Sessions, Study Abroad & Lifelong Learning (SSALL) team to coordinate summer instructor hiring.  The teams are currently working on the components for the 2022 program and deadlines, processes and details have been finalized and are outlined below.

Campus departments can expect instructions from SSALL in early March '22 with details and the date the eHire system will be available.  

For now, here are the important dates and deadlines:






Last date Offer

Letter to be


Deadline to complete

DocuSign packet

for ontime pay

Date by which I-9

Video Verification/Onboarding

Appointment needs to be completed

A 5/23 - 7/1 4/22 5/9 5/26
12W 5/23 - 8/12 4/22 5/9 5/26
B 6/6 - 8/12 5/6 5/20 6/9
C 6/21 - 8/12 5/21 6/7 6/24
D 7/5 - 8/12 6/3 6/21 7/8
E 7/25 - 8/12 6/27 7/11 7/28
F 7/5 - 7/22 6/3 6/21 7/8

See this page on Berkeley's CalTime website for all timecard deadlines each pay period. 

What's new this year

A couple of new fields have been added on the Hire Request Form to collect the employee location information (building, floor, room/cube number). The Hire Request Form will also reflect changes made under the new Salary Admin Plan (SAP) code BKBX, particularly GSI job codes. 

Additional details for READERS AND TUTORS

  • Readers and Tutors that have additional jobs or appointments should review the details about the other appointment to understand what impacts there are to the frequency of how you are paid and how to report time. If you have questions about how to report time for multiple appointments, contact your supervisor or your BRS regional HR Service Team. 
  • Once you begin using CalTime, you (and your supervisor) will begin receiving recurring email reminders to complete (and approve) timesheets by the deadlines for each pay period.  


  • If you are a Summer Sessions GSI with an additional Student Assistant appointment, your GSI appointment may be subject to a non-exempt FLSA status, requiring you to report time on a biweekly basis. You can do this by submitting your hours on a manual bi-weekly timesheet and following these manual timesheet (submission) instructions.  
  • It is important to know that manual timesheets must be completed, signed, and approved, then submitted to BRS one (1) day prior to the Employee Approval date that is shown on the CalTime Bi-weekly Payroll Deadlines schedule. This is to allow BRS time to enter the timesheet prior to the CalTime due date.