Regional Onboarding for New Employees - Part 2

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Your first days - After attending your in-person onboarding session

It's important to know that you will need your new Berkeley Employee ID number (EID) or Affiliate ID (as applicable) for many of the actions below. You may receive your EID at your onboarding appointment. If it is unavailable at your time of hire, it will be emailed to you shortly thereafter. 

Actions to take right after you attend onboarding (and some of these applies to Affiliates too):

Create your CalNet ID

You should create your CalNet ID as soon as you have your Employee ID (EID).

  • If you are a new employee, visit:
  • Enter your EID or affilitate ID and click on the "Set Up My Account" button.
  • An email will be sent to the email address you provided at your onboarding session with instructions on how to proceed.
  • If you are a re-hire and have forgotten your CalNet ID and/or passphrase, please go to the following link to reset them: After you reset your CalNet ID and/or passphrase, be sure to setup your 2-Step Verification (see below).

CalNet 2-Step Verification - helps ensure you are the only person that can access your CalNet account.

  • All employees, affilicates, and students are required to use 2-Step Verification as a second step to reconfirm your identify. If you do not have a phone/tablet, contact the 2-Step Help Desk URL for assistance. For general information about 2-Step and how to use it, visit: for instructions on how to enroll and use this security feature. 


2-Step Help Desk email:

CalNet Support email:

Obtain your Cal 1 ID Card (special conditions apply within the current campus shelter-in-place-orders: please review)


Due to the current COVID-19 environment, Berkeley's Cal 1 Office will be available, by appointment only, on Tuesdays and Thursdays to all registered students and new active employees/affiliates. Note: campus buildings access permissions are still restricted to those who have been designated as essential staff. Essential staff are defined as those who have jobs that require they be physically on campus to work and need continuing access. Those who have been approved as such by campus leaders will receive an essential worker authorization letter.  

Cal 1 Card updates on the Coroavirus:


Use your CalNet ID and passphrase (see instructions below to setup your CalNet ID) to:


Cal 1 Card Office: 212 Sproul Hall, Berkeley CA 94720 

Monday-Friday 9AM - 4:30PM // Email/phone: -- (510) 643-6839 (Exception: Tues & Thurs 10AM-2PM ONLY within the COVID-19 environment)

Setup your email/calendar

After you create your CalNet ID, your campus email (bMail) will be setup for you using your CalNet ID as the handle of your Berkeley email. To check your email do these steps:


For questions related to setting up email accounts, signing into computers, etc., contact IT Client Services by phone (510-664-9000, option 1), by email ( or by opening an online service ticket (

Update the online Campus Directory

At a minimum, this should include your full name and title, your phone number and email, and your home department. Note: do not use hyphens anywhere in your profile.

Access and update your UCPath Employee Portal Account

UCPath is an HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Academic Personnel solution for all University of California employees. Access the online portal at: You can:

  • View your Employee ID (located in the upper left corner of the home page).
  • Update your home address and/or phone number.
    • Navigate to: Employee Actions > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary
  • View your Earnings Statement(s).
    • Navigate to: Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > View Paycheck
  • Update your W-4 tax withholding elections (if you don't change your elections, the system will default you to "single" and "0").
  • Enroll to receive your W-2 online.
    • Navigate to: Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > Enroll to Receive Online W-2


UCPath Center - Monday-Friday - 8AM-6PM (PT) - 855) 982-7284

Setup your payroll Direct Deposit

Signing up for Direct Deposit (up to 3 accounts total) means you will get your pay quicker via electronic deposit, versus having a check mailed to your home address (it can take up to 31 days to activate). Your first paycheck is likely to be a paper paycheck.

Note: If you are a returning employee and have not received direct deposit within the last 31 days, you MUST re-enroll in the service.

Review CalTime and pay processes

CalTime is UC Berkeley's electronic timekeeping system and can be accessed at: After you attend onboarding and complete your new hire paperwork, it takes approximately 7-10 business days to obtain CalTime access.


CalTime website:

If you have problems logging in to CalTime or recording your time, you can contact the CalTime Team by email ( or by phone (510-664-9000, option 5).

Check out the Controller's website for additional payroll information and schedules for biweekly/monthly pay:

Connecting to Campus Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi connectivity is generally available throughout most buildings on campus as well as in UC Berkeley-affiliated buildings located off-campus. Options include: AirBears2, CalVisitor, and eduroam. Typically, employees use AirBears2 as it offers a secure, authenticated service for campus network access. To get connected: 

  • Create an AirBears2 "Key" using your CalNet Passphrase to login to the Manage My Keys webpage and follow the instructions. 

Image of the AirBears2 Login key webpage

  • Configure your device/computer. Once you have your AirBears2 key, under "Network and Internet Settings", select it as your Wi-Fi network, accept the certificate that is offered (this secures the process), and login with your CalNet ID using your AirBears2 key as the password; not your usual CalNet passphrase.

Your device should automatically default going forward when you are within a network area which is in almost all campus buildings. (Remember to use your AirBears2 key as your password should this not happen automatically and you need to reconnet to AirBears2 manually). 


Contact IT Client Services by phone (510-664-9000, option 1), by email ( or by opening an online service ticket (

Enroll in a New Employee Reception & Orientation (NERO) Session (Non academic staff only)

Offered monthly, these sessions are presented to new (non-academic) staff to learn more about UC Berkeley, the Berkeley culture and community, how to grow your new career and your skills, perks that are available to new staff, and much more.

Please note: During the COVID-19 environment, in-person NERO sessions have been suspended. The People & Organizational Development team will be conducting monthly virtual sessions via ZOOM through the remainder of 2020. Visit the NERO webpage for details, dates, and registration information.


Berkeley People & Organizational Development -- 2199 Addison St., Berkeley, CA 94720

Establish a Glacier account (Foreign Nationals only)

Glacier is a secure online tax compliance software system that collects tax-related information from foreign individuals receiving funds from the University of California, Berkeley. All foreign individuals receiving funds from the University must have a Glacier record.

  • Glacier determins residency status and tax treaty eligibility for foreign individuals.
  • Please make sure to look for an email from Glacier ( as a record should be generated for you.
  • If you have not received an email and a Glacier record needs to be established, please contact your Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) HR Partner or UC Berkeley's Central Payroll Office.


Berkeley Central Payroll Office -- 2195 Hearst Ave., Suite 120, Berkeley, CA 94720

Attend a required Scholar Information Meeting (Foreign Nationals only)


Berkeley International Office - 2299 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley, CA 94720-2321 - (510) 642-2818

Review the Visiting Scholars and Postdoc Affairs Website (Visiting Scholars and Visiting Student Researchers and Postdocs only)

Review specific details related to: 

  • University Services Fees
  • Visa Requirements
  • Visiting Scholars & Postdoc Affairs (VCPA) Orientation
  • Scholar Information Meeting at the Berkeley International House (BIO)
  • Campus and Local Resources
  • Health Insurance and Benefits


VSPA Website:

Visiting Scholars/Visiting Student Researchers


Review the Graduate Division Website and Other Websites (Graduate Students/Reader/Tutors only)

Review specific details related to:

  • Financial Support available including Fellowships, Fee Remissions, Student-Parent Support, etc.
  • Professional Development

Additional details for Graduate Students/Reader/Tutors:

  • Attend a (mandatory) ASE Student Employee Orientation for first-time Academic Student Employees, Acting Instructors-Graduate Students and Reader/Tutors. Visit Berkeley's People & Culture website for specific dates and times.
  • Review applicable Health Insurance Benefits for your appointment. Berkeley Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is a health plan designed specificaly for college students. Visit the University Health Services website for full details.


Graduate Division Website:

People & Culture Website:

University Health Services Website: