8 tips for successful hiring at Berkeley

Our sincere thanks to the Division of Student Affairs for their collaboration on this feature.

Image of new employee being welcomed to Berkeley

It's important that we hire and onboard new Berkeley staff successfully to ensure they have a positive experience from the very first day and are paid in a timely manner. These eight (8) steps are intended to assist supervisors and managers who plan to hire students and staff. Following these steps will help ensure a more simple and swift hiring process and mitigates the risks of any payroll issues. 

Just click on each of the steps below to see more details. Use this google doc link if you're interested in a printer-friendly version.

Step 1: Confirm your position data
Step 2 - Submit recruit/hire request
Step 3 - Review onboarding for on time pay calendar
Step 4 - Ensure employee complete Docu sign packet and attends onboarding
Step 5 - Ensure employee receives timely first pay check
Step 6 - Confirm employees in person onboarding is complete
Step 7 - Record Hours Worked
Step 8 - Review summary timeline