Purchasing (hiring) professional services

When you need to purchase (hire) professional services:

InBearBUY, go to:

  • > Forms > Organization Forms >(Service Order Request Form)

Required documents/attachments may include:

  • Source/Selection Justification
  • Classification Worksheet for Federal Tax Purposes(formerly known as the Pre-Hire Worksheet)
  • Conflict of Interest Certification Form
  • Insurance Certificate(depending on the project, the certificate must name “The Regents of the University of California” as additionally insured. Check out the link to the UCOP policy-BUS 63 for additional help on what is required.)
  • Statement of Work


Supply Chain Management's Required PO Documents

Professional Services defined

Berkeley Risk Services

BUS 34 - Securing the Services of Independent Consultants

BUS 77 - Independent Contractor Guidelines

BUS 43 - Part 3: Purchase Transactions

BUS 63 - Insurance Requirements and Certificates of Insurance