Summer Salary for Faculty-2021

2021 program components coming soon!

For eligible faculty with available funding that can be used for summer ninths compensation (such as sponsored awards/grants, start-up funds, etc.), Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) supports these efforts each year and works with campus Principle Investigators (PIs) to gather information to set up summer salary payments. BRS HR and RA teams are currently working on the details and plan to begin working and communicating with PIs (and departments) in earnest in early spring, 2021 for this year's effort. These website page(s) will also be updated once information is available. 

Action to Take for 2020

  • Faculty served by ERSO should contact the ERSO Research Administrator who supports them, or contact ERSO Contract & Grant Managers for assistance. For specific instructions, please refer to the ERSO website.
  • Faculty with funding administered by a BRS Research Administrator (BRS RA) should work directly with their RA to complete their summer salary request.  As needed, RAs will work with academic units/departments and other funding administrators to coordinate payments.
    • BRS RA assignments can be found here:  (On the landing page, search by faculty name to locate the “investigator record;” it should include the RA name(s) and contact information.)

For Faculty not supported by BRS RAs 

  • You should continue to work with the staff in your academic unit/department to complete and submit summer salary requests to BRS for processing.

Additional details

  • We’ll continue to offer Smartsheets to departments to enter requests directly into a Summer Salary Smartsheet (similar to that used for ASE/GSR appointment requests). This provides visibility into the progress and completion of their requests, as well as eliminate duplicative entries and reduce errors.  Designated departmental staff will receive Smartsheet access, instructions, tutorials, etc.
  • BRS Research Administration is available to answer questions regarding salary caps, CBR rates and adjustments, ‘PC mapping’, and the attestation policy. Contact your respective BRS RA Supervisor for assistance with these topics.
Kathleen Moran teaching students

Credit: Peg Skorpinski / Kathleen Moran teaching students

Additional Resources

  • Your regional BRS contacts in HR (your HR Business Partner) or Research Administration (your RA).   
  • The BRS Human Resources/Academic Personnel Support (HR/APS) Team at 664-9000, option 3.
  • Open a new HR/APS ServiceNow(link is external) ticket.