ASE/GSR and Lecturer Hiring

Spring 2020 ASE/GSR and Lecturer Hiring

Here is the information you need to know to initiate the appointment request process for Academic Student Employees (ASEs), Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs) and Lecturers for the Spring 2020 Hiring. Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) HR teams will continue to support these efforts for their respective regional units/departments. Check out these current ASE/GSR and Lecturer Hiring Timeline-Onboarding Dates for important deadlines.

The overall process remains the same: Graduate Student Affairs Officers (GSAOs), or other designated personnel are responsible for initiating the request via Smartsheet for their department/unit which can also be used to track the progress of these requests. Plus, the ASE/GSR Intake Form is still an alternative to submit requests (and attachments) in an easy-to-read form. Please note: ERSO-supported departments may have slight process variations - contact the ERSO HR team for any clarifications at: 

Up front, it's important to know that Berkeley will be experiencing earlier-than-usual deadlines - this is due to December UCPath lockout dates throughout the UC system as well as upcoming campus curtailment timeframes. While these deadlies are aggressive, BRS is continuing to work on solutions to help mitigate delays. However, they can only assist if department/units identify and approve hires as early as possible. 

Important information to know

  • The current ASE/GSR and Lecturer Hire Smartsheet will be used for Spring 2020 appointments -- a new Smartsheet will not be created. Please know that the functionality of Berkeley's unlicensed Smartsheet users is now more restrictive; BRS is looking into those impacts and how they may change processes or Smartsheets. 
  • New ASE/GSR and Lecturer hires for 1/1/20 appointments will need to complete New Employee Onboarding by 1/6/2020 for a 2/1/2020 monthly pay date. Remember, all ASE/GSR and Lecturers that need to complete onboarding will need to do so by the first day of the semester (1/14/20) in order to avoid potential damage payments or potential teaching day basis calculations).
  • Late onboarding may result in pay being processed in the next pay cycle (on 3/1/2020 or beyond). Look here for the full range of important dates for 1/1/2020 appointments and ensure ASE/GSR and Lecturers are aware of their actual pay dates.
  • For late appointee(s) that are added to the Smartsheet after 1/6/2020, ensure they are aware that their pay will processed in the next available pay cycle. Please note: this could necessitate a revised Appointment Letter for those applicable title(s) - look here for more of those details.
  • Grad Student/Researchers must not start work prior to completing Onboarding documentation or could be subject to damage payments (which cannot be paid with Federal Funds).
  • Adhering to the UCPath Center/BRS processing deadlines will be an important component to ensure these new hires receive timely pay.

Actions to take

  • It is imperative to begin entering ALL ASE/GSR and Lecturer hires now (by timeframes above) in the current Smartsheet (and ensure that GSAO and funding is approved) as they accept their Spring appointments. 

    • Exception: the deadline for appointments utilizing a Short Work Break (SWB) is no later than 11/8/19 (additional complexities exist and BRS will determine if the appointment is eligible and will proceed providing the work authorization is valid).

For instances when ASE/GSR and Lecturer hires identified on the Smartsheet cannot attend Onboarding by 1/6/2020, Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) HR Generalists will attempt to contact them to request pre-data entry of some additional information; as part of a "pilot" for these types of hires. This information will then be entered into UCPath for the 2/1/2020 pay date (provided it is entered before the UC Path deadline)

Other important reminders

  • With UCPath, there were changes related to Position Management processes. Most significantly, position numbers need to be created ahead of the Smartsheet entry and included in the Smartsheet for all ASE/GSR and Lecturer hires. 
  • With UCPath’s Short Work Break (SWB) status, Bridging is no longer applicable (the possible exception is Summer Session Hiring).
  • SWB is allowed for up to four (4) months for ASE/GSR and Lecturers and they must have both a Fall '19 and Spring '20 appointment.
  • Make sure to add/approve these appointments in Smartsheets by the earlier deadline (11/8/19) if using SWB.
  • Alternative pay cycles are no longer an option in UCPath. Employees are paid on their next scheduled pay date.

New to using Smartsheets? Check out the Smartsheet information section for more help.

When you need assistance:

Departments/units are encouraged to keep open lines of communication with their HR Generalist(s) when extenuating circumstances regarding ASE/GSR and Lecturer hires come up. BRS regional HR teams are here to support you.