ASE/GSR and Lecturer Hiring

Spring 2021 ASE/GSR and Lecturer Hiring 

Here is the information to initiate the appointment request process for Academic Student Employees (ASEs), Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs) and Lecturers for the Spring 2021 Hiring. Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) HR teams will continue to support these efforts for their respective regional units/departments. Check out these current ASE/GSR and Lecturer Hiring Timeline-Onboarding Dates for important deadlines. Note: clearing your internet cache may be needed to see the Spring '21 version.

The overall process remains the same: designated personnel are responsible for initiating the request via Smartsheet for their department/unit which can also be used to track the progress of these requests. Plus, the ASE/GSR Intake Form is still an alternative to submit requests (and attachments) in an easy-to-read form. Please note: ERSO-supported departments may have slight process variations - contact the ERSO HR team for any clarifications at: 

Image of specific steps involved with hiring new ASE, GSR and Lecturers

Hiring during COVID-19 

Based on the current landscape, Berkeley will likely operate under COVID-19 conditions for the next semester. It is understood that this impacts campus operations as well as a department's financial and hiring decisions. BRS remains committed to partnering with Berkeley departments as best they can to ensure appointments are processed in a timely nammer and will remain as flexible as possible, particularly for late additions.

As a reminder, under the curent environment, in-person onboarding remains suspended and all new hire/rehire paperwork is completed remotely using a DocuSign packet and individual video appointments for applicable I-9 verifications and state oaths. Should the landscape of I-9 video appointments change based on the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement directives, BRS regions will advise their departments. 

More information on hires working from abroad

Berkeley's Academic Personnel Office (APO) published this CalMessage on 10/14/20 which provides additional information on the status of academic appointees temporarily working remotely from abroad for the Spring ‘21 semester. In addition, UCOP Academic Personnel & Programs published a UCOP FAQ on 10/7/20 regarding academic appointees temporarily teleworking from overseas.

  • A reminder that when an employee is working from abroad, they have specific guidances for their payroll, taxes, and benefits. These international hires also do not need to complete an I-9 work authorization form or attend an I-9 work authorization appointment until they arrive in the U.S.
  • If they are a citizen of the U.S., they would also need to complete the State Oath and attend an appointment to do so. Non-citizens who are permanent residents are considered "alien residents" and are therefore, not required to sign the State Oath. 

When you need assistance:

You are also encouraged to keep open lines of communication with your HR Generalist when extenuating circumstances regarding ASE/GSR hires come up. They are here to help support you. BRS will continue to communicate any changes based on campus operations over the next several months.