ASE/GSR and Lecturer Hiring

Summer/Fall 2024 ASE/GSR and Lecturer Hiring

Here is the information to initiate the appointment request process for Academic Student Employees (ASEs), Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs) and Lecturers hires for Summer/Fall 2024. Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) HR teams will continue to support these efforts for their respective regional units/departments

  • BRS regions began communicating ASE/GSR hiring information to their departments the week of 3/25/24.
  • Departments who hire Lecturers will begin to hear from their BRS region beginning the week of 4/8/24 about information and deadlines for Summer/Fall 2024 Lecturer hires. 

The overall process remains the same: designated personnel are responsible for initiating the request via Smartsheet for their department/unit which can also be used to track the progress of these requests. Plus, the ASE/GSR Intake Form is still an alternative to submit requests (and attachments) in an easy-to-read form. Please note: ERSO-supported departments may have slight process variations - contact the ERSO HR team for any clarifications at: 

Image of specific steps involved with hiring new ASE, GSR and Lecturers

Offer Letter signed
Step 1 GSAO / Initiator confirms academic eligibility and enters approved appointment request on the Smartsheet
Step 2 Funding Approver approves funding on the Smartsheet
Step 3 BRS Regional Human Resources Generalists reviews and validates the appointment details
Step 4 BRS Regional Onboarding Teams sends the new hire paperwork to the appointee via DocuSign
Step 5 The new ASE / GSR or Lecturer receives and completes their DocuSign packet and arranges for their work authorization documents to be verified - This is a critical step and new hires MUST complete their DocuSign upon receipt to help ensure their first paycheck is on time.
Step 6 BRS Regional Human Resources enters the appointment in UCPath, sends the employee a Welcome Email - it includes their new Employee ID number, applicable timekeeping instructions, and provides instructions to begin completing their Next Steps Checklists on the "Starting a new job at UC Berkeley" webpages.
Step 7 BRS Regional Payroll audits / confirms payroll information
Employee begins work

When you need assistance

Departments are also encouraged to keep open lines of communication with their applicable regional HR Generalist when extenuating circumstances regarding ASE/GSR and Lecturer hires come up. They are here to help support you. BRS regions will continue to communicate any changes based on campus operations as it evolves.