Actions to take and other reminders for Summer Session requests

Submitting hire requests

The eHire system will be available soon to begin entering requests for 2022.


Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) will continue to conduct onboarding through an online process that includes an improved DocuSign packets and individual appointments for work authorization verifications (e.g., Form I-9, state oath, etc.) for all new employees and this includes Summer Session hires needing onboarding. Some BRS regions have begun conducting onboarding for the departments they support while others still partner with the BRS Central Onboarding Team. Find more details about onboarding activities on BRS' Onboarding Newly Hired Berkeley Employees webpages. Onboarding questions can be submitted via the HR Service Hub, opening a ticket under the "general question or problem" category.

It is important to adhere to the appropriate 2022 deadlines to ensure on-time pay and system access for these new hires.

Helpful reminders and additional details

  • For additional assistance, Berkeley Summer Sessions will continue to assist with eHire system/access or if there are any finance questions. Summer Sessions will also continue to create and issue all agreement/offer letters.
  • BRS regions will still be the point of contact after the offer has been accepted in eHire and is responsible for all onboarding activities and payroll/timekeeping transactions. 
  • It continues to be the department's responsibility to ensure that all the hiring documents for the potential employee are completed before they begin working, and if applicable, their visa status is valid for employment at UC Berkeley.
  • Please use the salary rate in effect when making appointment requests and that all the employee's hiring documents.
  • The Summer Sessions hiring request details from last year can be found in eHire. Go to "Status Tracking" and select 2021 from the "Year Submitted" drop-down menu.
  • To reduce risks of any overpayments or impacts to Berkeley students, please remember to contact Berkeley Summer Sessions whenever a scheduled session is is being cancelled. Summer Sessions will proactively contact the registered student(s) and BRS can ensure payroll is not generated.

Need more help?

  • Contact Nicole Nakano at: for assistance with Summer Sessions.
  • For assistance from BRS after the offer has been accepted, when there are questions or departments need help with the hiring/onboarding activities, need the hire status, or have payroll questions:
    • Submit an online (HR Service Hub) ticket under the “General question or problem” category from the HR Service Hub portal. Requests will be routed to the applicable BRS regional team. Or, you can reach out directly to your regional HR Partner.
    • For ERSO-supported groups, please contact the ERSO HR team at: