HR Forms

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Access HR forms directly in the HR Service Hub (our online HR ticketing system), where you submit your request. Or, you can find and download Word/Excel/PDF versions from the library below, under the categories of "Academic" or "Non-Academic" based forms. It is recommended that Word/Excel versions be used by PC users only; PDF for either PC or Mac users.

Contact your BRS HR/APS Partner if you have questions or need assistance.

Forms for ANY employee type

Berkeley's SPOT Award Program

General forms

People & Culture (P&C) announced the new Catastrophic Leave Donation Program to campus on 6/16/22. Go to the Program webpage to check out the full details and access the request form link.

The Job Change Form for Academic and Non-Academic appointments has now been incorporated in the new HR Service Hub, typically as an Other Data Changes request found under Employee Changes.

Or, go to the HR Service Hub and simply type in what you need in the search bar. Please note that many changes can be made by departments directly in UCPath Position Management. Check out the Position Management module on the Berkeley UCPath Training website for those specifics. 

Non-Academic Forms

Hire Request Form - Use this form to hire and/or recruit Student Assistant titles.

The Affiliate Form (non-Employee Appointment Form), Volunteer Form (Worker’s Compensation Program Volunteer Registration Form) and the Minor Volunteer Form (newly added in September '23).

These forms are now available directly in the HR Service Hub and have been updated as new/improved (DocuSign) Powerforms to make it easier to request these hires. When complete, the signed form(s) must be attached to the ticket.  Go to the new Affiliates and Volunteer Appointments page of the SHARE regional website. It illustrates the processing flow, video tutorials, etc.

Academic Forms

Faculty Short Form - Use this form for New or Changed appointments for Lecturers or Professors.

Academic Leave of Absence Form - Use this form for Faculty and Lecturer extended leave of absence requests. 

Academic Leave of Absence Form - Use this form for ASE/GSR extended leave of absence requests.

Visiting Scholar and Visiting Student Researcher Form - Use this form to establish Visiting Scholars and Visiting Student Researchers.

Academic Non-Senate Recruitment Request FormUse this form to request a Search (Recruitment) for a Non-Senate Academic Title.

Academic Non-Senate Waiver Request FormUse this form to propose a Search Waiver for a Non-Senate Academic Title.

Postdoctoral Scholar Request Form - Use this form to request Postdoctoral Scholar appointments (without recruitment).