HR forms

Image of filling out forms on a computer

Access HR forms directly in ServiceNow (our online ticketing system), where you submit your request. Or, you can find and download Word/Excel/PDF versions from the library below, under the categories of "Academic" or "Non-Academic" based forms. It is recommended that Word/Excel versions be used by PC users only; PDF for either PC or Mac users.

Contact your BRS HR/APS Partner if you have questions or need assistance.

Forms for ANY employee type

Non-Academic Forms

Hire Request Form - Use this form to appoint Student Assistant titles (without recruitment).

Job Change Form - Use this form to change or renew appointments for Non-Faculty.

Affiliate Form (non-Employee Appointment Form) - Use this form to establish Non-Employees (except Volunteers) – these forms also include the Personal Data & Emergency Contact Information sections.

Volunteer Form (Worker’s Compensation Program Volunteer Registration Form). Use this form to establish Volunteers.

Academic Forms

Faculty Short Form - Use this form for New or Changed appointments for Lecturers or Professors.

Job Change Form - Use this form to change or renew appointments for Non-Faculty.

Leave of Absence FormUse this form for Faculty and Lecturer extended absence requests. 

Visiting Scholar and Visiting Student Researcher Form - Use this form to establish Visiting Scholars and Visiting Student Researchers.

Academic Non-Senate Position Request FormUse this form to initiate Academic recruitments.

Postdoctoral Scholar Request Form - Use this form to request Postdoctoral Scholar appointments (without recruitment).