Important deadlines and details

ASE/GSR and Lecturer hire deadlines and information you need to know for Spring 2023

Up front, it is important to know that this year more than before, Berkeley will again experience earlier-than-usual deadlines - this is due to Berkeley's proactive actions to mitigate potential delays in processing these large volumes of time sensitive work during the very busy hiring periods by the UCPath Center. While these deadlines are aggressive, BRS continues to work on solutions to help speed up processing. They will be successful only if departments identify their hires and approve them as early as possible.

Many of the process will remain the same, here are the important dates and details. (Please know that date(s) may be sfluid if campus operations change.) BRS Regions began communicating this information to their departments the week of 9/26/22.

Target dates 

Entering ASE/GSR and Lecturer requests for new/rehires with 1/1/23 appointments

  • Continue to use the existing Smartsheets titled ASE/GSR or Lecturer Hiring AY22-23.
  • Begin entering Spring '23 appoinments now.
  • The deadline for departments to enter and approve their Spring '23 appointment/hire requests in their Smartsheets for on-time (2/1) pay will be 11/7/22.

Important DocuSign packet details

  • For those who need to do so, please encourage new appointees/hires that they should complete their new employee paperwork (DocuSign packet) immediately upon receipt. This will help expedite their UCPath employee record and Employee ID (EID) as well as help to ensure on-time pay. 
    • To translate to an on-time 2/1/23 monthly pay date, they will need to complete their DocuSign packet by 12/5/22.
    • It is also important to know that they must complete their DocuSign packet by the first day of the semester at the latest in order to avoid potential damage payments (which cannot be paid with Federal funds).
    • Those who do not complete their DocuSign packet by the deadline may also need teaching day basis recalculations.
    • Also, they must not start work until they have attended their individual onboarding appointment to verify work authorizations (e.g., Form I-9, state oaths, etc.) which is required before the first day of work).
Short Work Break (SWB)

UCPath’s SWB is allowed for up to 31 days for ASE/GSR and Lecturers who have been identified as "returning" and have an approved Spring appointment in place.   

  • SWB from Fall to Spring will be used to help avoid unnecessary onboarding actions when there is a Spring appointment approved on the Smartsheet.
  • In order to avoid potential overpayment, departments should respond to their region's request for terminations for those employees that will not be returning in the Summer/Fall.