Smartsheet tools and information

Using Smartsheet to enter new hire/rehire appointments

Those who initiate ASE/GSR and Lecturer appointments will be given editor access by their Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) HR Generalist to their department’s specific Smartsheet. For some units, this initiator may be another staff member as identified by the Department Manager. If there are others who need Smartsheet access for your department, contact your BRS HR/APS support team (HR Generalist, HR Business Partner, or HR Manager).

Once you receive your email invitation, you will see your department’s ASE/GSR Smartsheet; using your CalNet ID and password.  Find complete instructions on logging into Smartsheet, right here.

When you need assistance

BRS HR Generalists can provide more guidance and answer questions related to these hiring processes. Unsure of who your respective HR Generalist is? Use this Find your Region tool to point you to your applicable BRS Region. Then, navigate to the HR section to see the regional HR/APS service team for your specific department. (If you don't see the HR Generalist listed, you can contact the HR Partner who can advise further.)