Actions to take and other reminders

Here are the actions needed for Spring '23 hires plus other important reminders 

  1. Departments will be using their existing AY22-23 Smartsheets for the Spring '23 semester. 

    1. Begin entering the new appointments on the existing Smartsheets now.

  2. DocuSign packets: Encourage new hires to complete their new employee paperwork (DocuSign packet) immediately upon receipt. This will help expedite their UCPath employee record and Employee ID (EID) as well as help to ensure on-time pay.

Late Appointments: 

  • Work with applicable HR Generalist for any late hire requests. Remember that Position Number data must be accurate with the appointment data in the Smartsheet -- this will help mitigate process delays.
  • For late ASE/GSR and Lecturer appointee(s) that are added to the Smartsheet after 11/7/22 or if hire/rehires do not complete their DocuSign packet before 12/5/22, BRS may not have sufficient time to process these by the UCPath Center deadlines for on-time pay. Please know that BRS regions will work with their respective departments on these.
  • Advise these new hires that their pay may not be issued on their regular pay date (bi-weekly or monthly as outlined on the Controller’s Office website) and may need BRS to take action to further process and expedite their pay. Based on when the request is submitted, It can take up to 10-15 business days for (late appointment) hires to see their check. Also note: this could necessitate a revised Appointment Letter for those applicable title(s) - look here for more of those details.

Important Reminder

  • Dual FLSA/pay cycle complications as a result of multiple jobs/concurrent appointments and/or multi-location appointments (MLAs) can cause additional delays Submitting manual (paper)monthly or bi-weeklytimesheets may be an alternative to use for the first pay period. Save these links and provide them to new hires, in the event of delays to systems access such as CalTime.