HR Service Hub Regional Champions

To help their regional teams and campus clients use the NEW! HR Service Hub, each Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) region has identified the following teams of "Champions" who will be the go-to for questions and assistance.

In addition to providing support, the regional Champions team will main the Service Hub Groups for their teams and departments. They are also on point for anything else that may come up that needs discussion, prioritization, approval, communication., etc. for system operations and maintenance in their regions. 

The Champions Team:

Dominga Estrada BEARS Region
Lisa Wolfe BEARS Region
Robert (Rob) Fredrickson BEARS Region
Linda Marmolejo BEST Region
Danny Reyes BEST Region
Shelly Gough BEST Region
Diana Zhang BEST Region
Darryl San Pedro ChaMPS Region
Katie Hernandez ChaMPS Region
Renee Wallace ProS Region
Aza Gevorkian ProS Region
Marco Ruiz ProS Region
Jose Padilla SHARE Region
Thomas Miao SHARE Region
Jeremy Engleman BRS Central Services
Alison Murray BRS Central Services
Colette Arreguin BRS Central Services