Department Access User Role in the HR Service Hub

A new Department Access User role (DAU) is now available to request as part of the new HR Service Hub. It is HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL, so it is not automatically granted. It must be requested and go through an approval process.

The purpose of the role is to give HR professionals (outside of BRS and/or People & Culture) automatic access into their department/unit(s) cases, so they are able to track them to completion.

Here are other details about the role:

  • DAU gives view access into all unrestricted cases in the approved Org Nodes, via a special menu link in the top navigation bar.

  • DAU should only be requested by individuals in HR-related positions.

  • DAU access includes the ability to read work notes in the case. 

  • DAUs will not receive email notifications.

  • The “Watch List” continues to be the primary way for others to see case/ticket status and to receive email notifications related to a specific case.

  • DAU is separate and distinct from being an Approver. It is not required for, nor related to, being an Approver.

Here is the request and approval process: