HR Service Hub Governance Team (SHUG)

Tasked with oversight of the HR Service Hub system, the HR Service Hub Governance Team known as "SHUG" is comprised of representatives from the five BRS regions, People & Culture, and Berkeley IT's Campus Applications & Data/ServiceNow Team. The team meets biweekly to review and prioritize enhancement requests and bug fixes. They also discuss anything related to the use of HR Service Hub that needs discussion, prioritization, approval, communication, change management, etc. Each member is responsible for communicating important information, decisions and upcoming changes to their respective team. 

BRS Representatives:

Teal Sexton Functional Owner, Governance Chair
Lisa Wolfe BEARS Region
Robert (Rob) Fredrickson BEARS Region
Shelley Gough BEARS Region
Nick Dear BEST Region & Client Representative (L&S)
Linda Marmolejo BEST Region
Danny Reyes BEST Region
Diana Zhang BEST Region
Liana Rodriguez BEST Region
Kristin Nichols BEST Region
Darryl San Pedro SHARE Region
Jaqueline Aldrete Vanegas SHARE Region
Renee Wallace ProS Region
Aza Gevorkian ProS Region
Brianna Huerta ProS Region
David Beausoleil ProS Region
KayeShundia (Kaye) Ricks ProS Region
Tannaz Ghorban ERSO Region
Jeremy Engleman Central Services
Alison Murray Central Services
Joel Engin Central Services
Arliss Nakken VCA Communications
Jose Padilla Academic Analyst Client Representative

People & Culture Representatives:

Alejandro (Alex) Gomez Talent Acquisition 
Alex Reyes Talent Acquisition 
Sharon Johnson Benefits and Leaves
Gabe Schmidt Benefits and Leaves
Scott Dinkelspiel Compensation

Campus Applications & Data / ServiceNow Representatives:

Doug Van Buren Product Owner
Terri Kouba Service Manager
Anthony Roybal IT Manager