ServiceNow Resources for HR/APS

The ServiceNow ticketing and workflow system uses online forms and workflows for many commonly requested services. It offers real-time, online visibility into the status of a service request.

Training Resource Library

There are various resources (e.g., videos and job aids) to help guide you through how to use the system in the following categories: 

Need service?

  • Submit an online request/ticket. (If you just have a quick question or need to report a problem, you can simply use the “Ask an HR Question/Report an HR Problem” ticket option.)
  • Already have an open request/ticket and want to check on the status?  Use this link to the ServiceNow Employee Self Service Page. You can take a look at all your HR requests (and IT requests too!)
  • Need to know who your unit’s “Approval Gatekeeper” is? Check this list.

Want more information?

Check with your HR Partner, Regional HR Manager or Regional Director about ServiceNow within your unit.

(To find your HR Partner and/or Regional HR Manager or Director, use the home page of the Berkeley Regional Services (BRS) website and click on your respective service region "box" towards the bottom of the page.  If you don’t know your Region, use this “FIND YOUR REGION” tool.